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Residential values slow enough to stay stable

Residential property values have slowed just gradually enough this year to avoid eroding values the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) says.
30-12-2007 more >>

Can't afford to buy in Ak? Look south

One of NZ's property hot spots is one of its coldest, with one expert predicting big things for Invercargill next year.
24-12-2007 more >>

President of NZPIF to address Commerce Select Commiitte in Feb 2008

Legislation affecting property investors has either been introduced to the house this month or will be early next year.
21-12-2007 more >>

Rates higher for longer

Given that the Reserve Bank held the Official Cash Rate (OCR) at 8.25% following its final rate review of the year last week, it is not surprising that there have been few movements in home loan rates since then.
14-12-2007 more >>

Present is only the past repeating itself

Cliff Seque, President of the Otago Property Investors' Association, looks at the trends in the property market.
12-12-2007 more >>

QV statistics confirm slowing property market

QV's October statistics released today report growth in national property values of 12.7% over the past year.
11-12-2007 more >>

3000 first home buyers take up Welcome Home Loans

The government's major initiative to help first-time buyers, Welcome Home Loans, into their own home has reached 3000 loans.
10-12-2007 more >>

Landlords react to compulsory insulation

Responding to the Government's energy efficient plans announced yesterday, the NZ Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) President Martin Evans said the Federation was opposed to any measures to make its members compulsorily insulate their homes.
10-12-2007 more >>

Cooling house prices

James Weir reports in the Dominion Post today that house prices are likely to increase by just 5 percent this year.
04-12-2007 more >>

Some relief on 2yr rates

After a succession of increases in mortgage rates over recent weeks several lenders have now cut two year fixed rates.
30-11-2007 more >>

US house prices in freefall, recession likely

Those who believe that the NZ economy is destined to follow North American trends have plenty of cause for concern in the latest housing data out of the US today.
28-11-2007 more >>

State tenant upset over space issue

In the “unbelievable” file, a Christchurch Housing NZ tenant expects a bigger house because her two sons will stay with her for one night every two weeks. “I don't ask for much, but I feel the kids need more space -- it's not good for them.”
28-11-2007 more >>

German landlord paints a poor image of our industry

German police have arrested a 60-year-old landlord after discovering he used cameras and microphones to spy on his tenants for a decade while they bathed and slept.
28-11-2007 more >>

Pensioner's win could slash state rents

Thousands of state house tenants could be eligible for cheaper rents thanks to the dogged determination of a pensioner and a community law office.
25-11-2007 more >>


The Government announced (6 November) a raft of proposed changes to the way the real estate industry operates in New Zealand.
23-11-2007 more >>

The only way is up

The news for homeowners only seems to get gloomier at the moment. Right now mortgage rates are high across the whole market and they don't look like getting cheaper for anytime soon.
22-11-2007 more >>

6% pa rental increases predicted

A report from Westpac has predicted stagnant house prices but large increases in rental prices.
22-11-2007 more >>

How will the broadbased slowdown in housing be achieved?

The feature article in the November ANZ Property Focus says that the devil is in the detail. Looking at the composition behind the real estate data suggests that the market is very dichotomised and house prices are falling.
20-11-2007 more >>

Have pet, can't rent

Pet owners struggling to find animal-friendly homes in a tight rental market are using novel techniques to impress potential landlords.
18-11-2007 more >>

More rate increases flow through

Mortgage rates are continuing to increase even though wholesale rates fell slightly at the end of last week.
16-11-2007 more >>

Housing market still hot

Despite the Reserve Bank's best efforts to cool the property market, house values are still rising.
06-11-2007 more >>

Short term rates up, long term rates stable

All the major lenders have now put their floating rate loans up to 10.05% following the latest increase in the official cash rate (OCR) to 7.75%.
05-11-2007 more >>


At the Property Investors Federation's annual conference, held earlier this month, the Minister of Building Issues, Clayton Cosgrove outlined some key reforms to the Residential Tenancies Act.
31-10-2007 more >>

Diana Clement: Blue Chip hard sell left me cold

Investors in hard-sell property investment company Blue Chip Financial Solutions Ltd may be wondering if they made the right investment decision.
27-10-2007 more >>

Bollard to Government: watch your step

Nobody could fail to notice the underlying threat to Treasury which was inherent in Alan Bollard's Official Cash Rate (OCR) announcement today
25-10-2007 more >>

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