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ANZ Property Focus for April has big picture themes

Fundamentals such as affordability suggest a decent correction in house prices is pending.
22-04-2008 more >>

They're off again

After a couple of weeks' respite, there has been another series of mortgage rate increases over the past few days from non-bank lenders.
18-04-2008 more >>

Accountants offer free help to Blue Chip investors

Accountants throughout the country are offering an hour's free time to help struggling Blue Chip investors, the NZ Herald reported on Wednesday
17-04-2008 more >>

The world according to Jones

Sir Bob Jones has been confirmed as a key note speaker at the Annual Conference taking place 25 and 26 October.
16-04-2008 more >>

Big state housing sell off

Housing NZ is selling 15 Auckland state houses for an expected $12 million windfall ahd has already put seven of them up for sale as part of a plan to exit the mansion market.
11-04-2008 more >>

Relative calm restored for now

The mortgage market has been noticeably calmer over the past week with few changes in rates. After the recent general upswing in loan rates this will be welcome news for anyone who needs to refinance now.
11-04-2008 more >>

Winter of discontent predicted for housing market

House buyers are waiting for prices to drop, tenants are crying out against big rent hikes and sellers still have unrealistically high expectations.
10-04-2008 more >>

Glimmer of hope?

While there is very little good news for borrowers over recent months there has been the slightest glimmer of hope this week.
04-04-2008 more >>

Rents shoot up 7% as landlords feel the pinch

Renters are hurting as much as homeowners - national average rents are up by just over 7 per cent, the average rental now costs %300 per week.
28-03-2008 more >>

Rates up, up and away

Mortgage rates are continuing to rise. Even over five year-terms, rates from some lenders are now priced at well over 10%.
28-03-2008 more >>

Long term leases are beneficial but have downsides

President of the NZPIF appreciates the aim of the Minister of Building and Construction to ensure renters have more stability but says there are downsides to long term leases of 15-33 years
27-03-2008 more >>

Concern over long-term renters prompts proposal for tenancy rights

Concern over the long-term increase in families renting rather than owning homes has prompted Minister for Building and Construction, Shane Jones to propose providing stable rental rights, for the benefit of both landlords and tenants.
25-03-2008 more >>

Home loan rates up and rising

Mortgage lenders have continued to raise home loan rates over the past week and there are suggestions from some commentators that they could go higher still.
20-03-2008 more >>

Flying high

Mortgage rates are continuing to rise even though the Reserve Bank held the official cash rate (OCR) at 8.25% last week.
14-03-2008 more >>

Expert advice: wait for housing crisis sales

Don't buy yet, don't sell right now and polish the nugget you're sitting on .
13-03-2008 more >>

Sections and apartments becoming more vulnerable

The feature article in the February 15 ANZ Property Focus says that the rising supply of sections and apartments on the market relative to total stock of houses is one sign of unease.
29-02-2008 more >>


Parliament resumed for the year on 12 February. The Federation (on 21st February) was invited by the Commerce Select committee to present its oral testimony to the inquiry into housing affordability.
29-02-2008 more >>

Rates still on the rise

Mortgage rates are continuing to rise without any prompting from the Reserve Bank.
29-02-2008 more >>

Probe into property hard sell

The Commerce Commission is investigating several alleged breaches of the Fair Trading Act by Blue Chip which may have broken a string of laws.
26-02-2008 more >>

Blue Chip landlords advised to terminate leases

Urgent notices are being issued to investors who bought properties from real estate businesses associated with Blue Chip telling them to terminate their lease deals
19-02-2008 more >>

Volatility abounds

Mortgage rates remain volatile as lenders grapple with difficult conditions in financial markets.
15-02-2008 more >>

A new kind of investment

First the LivingSpace brand was a new kind of accommodation, now it is behind a new type of investment, writes Liz McDonald of The Press
11-02-2008 more >>

Bank five-year rates fall

Mortgage rates are being pushed and pulled in all directions as lenders grapple with conflicting pressures in their businesses.
25-01-2008 more >>

No mortgage relief as Bollard holds rate

Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard today signalled no relief for mortagage holders in the near future as he held interest rates steady at 8.25 percent
24-01-2008 more >>

Dramatic changes to home loan rates

Up until recently there have been no changes to rates since late last year, however in the past two weeks there have been wholesale changes across the board, and big ones at that.
18-01-2008 more >>

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