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Dynamic, inspirational, entertaining.

Dolf de Roos is all of these and more.  As the keynote speaker of the 2015 NZPIF, he began his first session with the advice “preach what you practise” and then proceeded to outline the variety and depth of his experience – his practise – in property investment.  Here are some gems from his very wide ranging presentations during the weekend

For decades, many commentators have repeatedly said that prices have reached a plateau and cannot possibly increase further.   You have to think for yourself and take no notice of what you are told.

There is a strong correlation between property prices and increase in population.  We have also experienced the lowering of value of the spending power of the dollar.

Property is different.  Banks want to lend you money so you can buy property.  Once Dolf purchased 52 homes in 52 weeks and he has written a book to explain how he did this.

Commercial property investment is simple and lucrative compared with investment in residential property.  Why is commercial property so hot?  During one of his Sunday’s presentations he explains why.

People’s single biggest asset is their home and they will often ask themselves why didn’t they buy two when the first asset was purchased.  Why don’t more people buy more?

If you never express an opinion, you will never be heard.

In the future what should we do? If we have $100,000 in cash, get over the fear of asking for a mortgage.  Frame the request correctly.  “Give me the money and I will pledge to pay your interest and pay back the money using the property as collateral”.

If a deal looks too good to be true it probably is but check it out anyway. 

You can always improve a property.  One of his books is – 101 ways to improve a property.

Two things all rich people have.

  1. Rich have integrity

  2. They have made or held their money in real estate.

How do you perceive real estate?

Are you visual? How do you see it?

Are you auditory? How does this sound to you?

Are you kinetic? How do you feel about it?

New Zealand is very innovative as a country but something is lacking.  Use other people’s money here and overseas and get ahead of the pack by investing in real estate.  Everyone should do what they are good at and employ people to do the things you are not good at.

Dolf has written 15 books.  Whether you heard him speak at the 2015 NZPIF Conference or were not able to attend, it is worthwhile reading some of his books. Click here to see some of the titles listed on Good Reads





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