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Housing Foundation research on benefits of transitioning people into affordable home ownership

The Housing Foundation (HF) has released three substantive new research reports on the benefits of transitioning people into affordable home ownership. The reports have been written by the Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit (FCSPRU), Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL), and Nexus Research.

These reports, along with summary reports (bulletin and synthesis),and references, are provided below for your information.

To our knowledge this is the first time that this research has been done in New Zealand. The FCSPRU report looked at 120 international studies and shows that there are statistically significant benefits to home ownership in health, employment, crime, welfare, economic and education outcomes. The BERL report shows some fiscal benefits of transitioning New Zealand renters into affordable home ownership. The third report by Nexus Research is the most recent in a series of studies conducted in communities that have been assisted by HF. This study, based in the Waimahia Inlet community, found that residents’ quality of life has improved as a result of moving from their previous circumstances.

The Housing Foundation is ready to step up and provide affordable housing. The government’s recent focus on emergency housing is welcome and needed, but what is also needed is more new affordable housing and support to transition renters into that housing. We have the experience and the expertise but no longer have access to the capital needed to build these affordable houses.

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