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New NZ Standard for meth contamination released today

“The NZ Property Investors' Federation is very pleased to see the release of the NZ Standard for meth contamination today” said Andrew King, executive officer


Tenants will be pleased to hear that the new level of 1.5micrograms per 100cm2 is still conservative and protects them from any ill effects from meth contamination.


They will also be pleased that fewer rental properties will become unavailable due to the presence of a low level of meth contamination. In addition, the pressure to increase rental prices, due to the financial costs of meth testing and decontamination will be reduced.


King points out that the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (No 2), introduced to Parliament last month by Dr Nick Smith, gives landlords the right to test for meth and enables tenancy agreements to be terminated when levels are unsafe. Dr Smith said today that the new standard will now be included in this amendment.


“We hope that Government funds will be made available for a public education program to better inform New Zealanders about meth and reduce any misconceptions they may have,” says King.




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