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Government considers extending failed HNZ policy to private rentals

Neighbours and communities around New Zealand are having their lives ruined by the antisocial activity of some Housing New Zealand (HNZ) tenants. Government is currently considering extending the policy to private rentals that allows this to happen. Many more neighbours will suffer if private landlords are not allowed to manage their properties effectively.

There have already been many news articles from around the country highlighting problems arising from HNZ’s Sustainable Tenancies policy. Under this policy, HNZ does not issue 90-day notices to tenants with antisocial behaviour affecting neighbours and neighbourhoods.

The antisocial behaviour includes intimidation, fighting (including with weapons), theft, drugs and loud parties, theft from vehicles, stolen cars, disorderly behaviour and wilful damage.  These have been occurring in the street and in surrounding areas.

Rather than handling the bad behaviour of the tenants, HNZ moves the stressed and anxious neighbours away from them. Why should good people be disrupted by badly behaving neighbours?

As private landlords provide 85% of rental properties in New Zealand, if Government removes the ability for private landlords to issue 90-day terminations, the current problems will get exponentially worse.


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