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  • Getting back the balance
    “It is encouraging to see that the new Coalition Government is acting quickly to ease the current situation evident in the rental market of decreasing supply and increasing rents,” says Sue Harrison, President of the NZ Property Investors Federation (NZPIF).
    30-11-2023 more >>
  • There is a solution to rising rents
    The current rental situation in Auckland is becoming increasingly dire, with the city now reported as one of the most expensive places in the world to rent.
    20-11-2023 more >>
  • How the incoming Government can help NZ tenants
    The recent ‘Sunday’ television report on Queenstown's rental housing shortage highlighted a nationwide issue in New Zealand: the diminishing availability of rental properties.
    12-11-2023 more >>
  • How the next Government can help tenants
    We hear many ways each political party talk about the housing crisis, and their solutions to fix this. Adding a new tax to rental property provider and adding more RTA rules to make it harder to supply is obviously not the answer.
    13-09-2023 more >>
  • Tenants lose from Government's tax
    Sue Harrison, President of NZPIF, talks about the adverse effects on tenants as a result of the interest deductibility rule imposed on rental property owners by the current Government.
    27-06-2023 more >>
  • No benefits for renters in the 2023 Budget
    The 2023 Budget has done nothing to ease the pressure on tenants as their property owners struggle with rising costs, forcing them to increase rents in order to stay financially viable.
    31-05-2023 more >>
  • Proposed changes will benefit tenants and landlords
    A large proportion of rentals in New Zealand are offered by private landlords.  The State cannot house all who need accommodation and National is to be congratulated for seeing private landlords as part of the solution to the difficult housing situation in New Zealand and not the problem.
    30-04-2023 more >>
  • Immediate improvement possible to the cost of living
    Chris Hipkins could make an immediate improvement to one aspect of the cost of living.
    25-01-2023 more >>
  • Changes to tax rules punish tenants
    Tim Horsbrugh, NZPIF Executive Committee member presented to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee last week
    11-12-2022 more >>
  • The island with a crisis
    There has been recent publicity* around the shortage of residential rentals on Waiheke Island. There, the lack of reasonably-priced rentals is seriously affecting those people who earn quite modest incomes as they work in the Island’s service industries.
    21-11-2022 more >>
  • NZPIF members support greater stability for tenants
    It is good to see that the Chief Human Rights Commissioner, Paul Hunt, is acknowledging that people who rent their homes are now moving between tenancies less often than in past years.
    09-11-2022 more >>
  • Registration of Property Managers
    Recently there have been calls for the compulsory registration of Residential Property Managers. These property managers act as middle-men between the property owner and the tenant, collecting the rent and handling any issues that may come up during the tenancy relating to the tenant's behaviour and with the property itself.
    20-10-2022 more >>
  • Reversal of the rental tax would be great as well
    There are similarities between the tax increase on superannuation fees, now reversed, and tax increases on rental property.
    01-09-2022 more >>
  • Rent is not the biggest contributor to inflation
    Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt has called for an immediate freeze on rent increases to give renters some reprieve during the cost-of-living crisis.
    16-08-2022 more >>
  • Selective reversal of mortgage interest deductibility does not benefit the majority of tenants
    The vast majority of tenants cannot afford brand-new, high-end rental accommodation. They want well maintained, warm, dry but ultimately good value rental accommodation
    12-08-2022 more >>
  • NZPIF supports many changes for a better rental environment
    The NZ Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) is happy to support changes that make for a better rental environment. However, Tenants Action Wellington has today made outrageous demands for changes to rental laws.
    28-07-2022 more >>
  • NZPIF launches plan to fix rental crisis
    The New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) has researched the reasons for the rental crisis and developed a five-point plan to fix it.
    02-05-2022 more >>
  • Rent controls do not make renting easier
    Associate Minister of Housing, Poto Williams, indicated today that rent controls are being considered due to high rental prices in New Zealand.
    03-02-2022 more >>
  • Not many mega-landlords
    A Sunday Star Times article today claims that New Zealand is owned by a group of mega landlords and not the mum and dad landlords owning one or two rentals.
    28-11-2021 more >>
  • NZPIF welcomes new Privacy Commission Guidelines.
    The NZ Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) welcomes the new guidelines released by the Privacy Commission. These guidelines are governed by the Privacy Act 2020 and must be followed by all private rental property providers, including property managers.
    11-11-2021 more >>
  • Government's rental property interest deductibility details released
    In March this year, the Government brought in radical changes for property investors, treating them differently from any other business by removing the ability to deduct mortgage interest as a legitimate business expense. MBIE, IRD, accountants and tax experts do not support these changes.
    29-09-2021 more >>
  • Controversial tenant shows why 90 day notice needed
    Sharyn Shepherd, also known as Hope Maree Taylor, is a convicted fraudster who has reportedly harassed her neighbours at the Otautahi Community Housing Trust complex so much that they are frightened to go outside.
    26-07-2021 more >>
  • Reserve Bank approved to use debt to income ratios
    The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has announced plans to add debt to income ratios to its tool kit to dampen investor demand for properties.
    17-06-2021 more >>
  • Officials against rental property interest deductibility removal
    Newly released information shows that in addition to Inland Revenue and Treasury, officials from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development were unanimous in advising the Government against removing rental property mortgage interest as a tax deduction. This opposition is also supported by economists, the general public and even tenant groups who are also stating that the policy will lead to rent rises.
    04-05-2021 more >>
  • Filling the information gap
    The recent Government housing policies appear to have been implemented without much information about the likely outcomes. There was also lack of time for impact statements to be produced by Inland Revenue and Treasury.  In order to fill the information gap, the New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) conducted a survey to see how these changes will affect the rental property industry.
    07-04-2021 more >>

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