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My Investment Journey

Jul 9, 2019 - 6.15pm

  BNZ Partners Centre
Amohia Street

My name is Sunvi and am a mechatronics engineer graduated in 2006. I have worked in 3 companies for about 10 years before i decided to call it a quit and work for myself doing what i enjoy. At present joint venturing with 2 others to operate a company to renovate homes, property trade & small scale development as well as involved with various charity organisations.


Currently i am chasing what i enjoy and i have left my job in 2015 at age 32 when i felt financially independent. i bought my first house in 2006 and my first investment property in 2008 and it went slowly from there on. My focus was always on multi income homes ( mostly created by adding or seperating) for higher yield and considered capital gain as bonus if it does happen. Over the past 4 years i have been doing trades - typically buy very run down houses which most are scared to touch and recently started small site developments which are on going at present. We also have a renovation company that keeps our crew busy thru out the year and assist with cost optimization when it comes to our project. Just like anything else, it is important we understand our purpose of existence and minimum need to be satisfied which should equate to self satisfaction and happiness in life. Money does make your life better but with right attributes of human it helps you and the society for a better world should always be the main goal.


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