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Rotorua Monthly Meeting - Daryl Fisher

Apr 9, 2024 - 6.00pm

  NZHL Office, 1109 Fenton Street, Rotorua

Daryl Fisher and his wife Laurel have been building their residential rental property portfolio since 1995.

After spending 4 years studying the property market and what makes it tick Daryl developed his own basic formula and really increased the number of properties they have purchased. This formula kept them well protected particularly through the global financial crises.

Daryl will share his practical tips and expertise on the following areas:

  • His history in property investing

  • His formula that got him there

  • Investment tips - What he's doing right now

  • The cycle why and where we are, and what he thinks will happen next

  • His bespoke Hunting sheet he uses to find investment properties

  • What he expects from him Property Management Company

Daryl was both a regional representative and President of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation for 5 years. Daryl has been working with many seasoned property investors for over 25 years and has put a lot of this knowledge and experience into seminars all over New Zealand.

Daryl is a well-respected professional property investor who keeps his knowledge current by being in the market place every day, and is currently a life member of the Waikato Property Investors Assoc.

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