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No name suppression for investor

A Queenstown property investor facing fraud charges will appear in court again on December 2. Kerry Christian had sought name suppression but dropped the application.
29-11-2013 more >>

Trade Me claims overstated

Claims of a boycott of Trade Me over an increase in fees for real estate agents are probably overstated, one commentator says. Harcourts says it will no longer promote Trade Me to clients, many say they will no longer offer free Trade Me listings, and several agencies have removed existing listings from the site.
29-11-2013 more >>

Residential investment strong: Stats NZ

Soaring residential investment statistics are indicative of growing confidence in the market, says the president of the Auckland Property Investors Association.
28-11-2013 more >>

Builders: Expect consent drop in March

Builders say they have seen inquiries drop by more than a quarter since the introduction of loan-to-value restrictions.
27-11-2013 more >>

Interest rate rise may need to be sharp: NZIER

Interest rates will need to rise quickly next year if the loan-to-value restrictions don’t make a big enough dent in Auckland’s house prices, the NZIER says.
27-11-2013 more >>

Landlords told: Watch out for rising rates

Predictions that mortgage rates will start to rise significantly next year should serve as a wake-up call for property investors, the NZ Property Investors Federation says.
26-11-2013 more >>

Property speculators are not property investors

Curbing property investment is a Dominion Post reader’s solution to New Zealand’s current housing crisis. However, this solution demonstrates confusion between property speculators and property investors.
25-11-2013 more >>

Wake up call for property owners

The Reserve Bank has predicted that floating mortgage rates will rise to 7 or 8 percent over the next two or three years. “This is a wake up call for rental property owners,” said Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation.
25-11-2013 more >>

Migration pressure increases

A sharp turnaround in migration is going to put a lot of pressure on the housing market. New Zealand had a seasonally adjusted net gain (more arrivals than departures) of 3000 migrants in October 2013.
25-11-2013 more >>

Capture opportunities in office market

Competition for properties may force landlords’ yields to all-time lows, Jones Lang LaSalle research analyst Sarah Dominey says.
22-11-2013 more >>

OECD identifies house price fall risk

New Zealand is at risk of a house price fall, the OECD says in its latest economic outlook forecast. Real house prices have risen 88% since the start of 2000, the biggest increase in the OECD.
21-11-2013 more >>

Alexander: Prices not to blame

Claims that the absence of first-home buyers in the property market is due to rising prices are not correct, says the chief economist of the BNZ, Tony Alexander.
21-11-2013 more >>

Report suggests affordability improvements

Money paid in GST on new house builds should go back to local councils, The New Zealand Initiative’s latest housing report says.
19-11-2013 more >>

BNZ-REINZ Residential Market Survey 14 November 2013

The result of this survey supports the data from other sources that shows first home buyers are giving up hope of making a property purchase in the near future. However a net 6% or responding agents say that they are seeing a increase in investors looking to make a purchase.
18-11-2013 more >>

Northern lifestyle blocks popular

Lifestyle blocks at the top of the country are proving popular, the latest Real Estate Institute figures show. Northland had the largest increase in year-on-year sales of lifestyle blocks in the three months to October, up by 73. Auckland followed, with 52 more sales this year than last.
18-11-2013 more >>

Rents creeping up: Barfoot

Landlord returns are dropping as rent rises fail to keep pace with the increase in Auckland house prices, Barfoot and Thompson figures show.
18-11-2013 more >>

Rent increases bad news for all

“The impact of rent increases low income groups in Auckland is not good for anyone”, said Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation, in response to a Salvation Army’ report by social policy analyst Alan Johnson.
16-11-2013 more >>

Increased costs mean increased rent - landlords

Landlords say they are not to blame for rising rents.
16-11-2013 more >>

Investors won't make a loss: King

Rent increases are bad news for everyone, the New Zealand Property Investors Federation says. The Salvation Army has released a report which says that rent rises over the past five years have made all low-income groups in Auckland, except superannuitants, worse off in real terms.
15-11-2013 more >>

NZPIF Strategic Plan adopted by Associations

What I believe to be a significant event in New Zealand’s Rental Property Industry occurred during the NZPIF AGM in Wellington last month. Associations voted to accept the NZPIF’s Strategic Plan, which included the employment of an Executive Officer and a Communications Officer, each on a part time basis.
15-11-2013 more >>

Andrew King interviewed on RadioLive Thursday 14 November

Marcus Lush talks to Andrew about the situation of a young woman living in a mould-ridden unit in Auckland
14-11-2013 more >>

First-home buyers giving up: Survey

Real estate agents say first-home buyers are deserting the market as the loan-to-value restrictions take effect. In the latest BNZ/REINZ survey of real estate agents, 78% said they were seeing fewer first-home buyers than in the previous month.
14-11-2013 more >>

Pick suburbs carefully: Westpac

Buying in a slightly different suburb could save homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars and carve up to 10 or more years off their mortgage, Westpac says.
14-11-2013 more >>

Respecting tenant rights.

“No tenant should have to live in a mould-ridden unit,” said Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation the national organisation representing landlords
13-11-2013 more >>

Construction demand tipped to remain high

Low-deposit loans for housing construction make up a very small part of the mortgage market, the Reserve Bank said today.
13-11-2013 more >>

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