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Archive: August 2007

State prop-up for housing market counterproductive in long run

The Salvation Army represents low-income New Zealanders and obviously has their interests at heart with its suggestion that the Government increase its spending on housing for low-income earners and beneficiaries.
31-08-2007 more >>

Rents rising across the country

House prices may be flattening but renting is becoming more expensive.
27-08-2007 more >>

John Key on housing affordability

The Leader of the National Party spoke recently to the NZ Contractors' Federation on the impact of the NZ economy on the construction industry.
23-08-2007 more >>

Brash expects house prices to tumble 10%

Former Reserve Bank Governor Don Brash is picking house prices could tumble by up to 10% in the next year as the already cooling NZ property market is further threatened by the volatile international economy.
19-08-2007 more >>

Loan Market looks to 'life' for growth

Loan Market mortgage brokers could be cross-selling up to 70% of their lending clients into insurance products, according to the group's CEO, John Tanner.
17-08-2007 more >>

Signs grow of cooling housing

Kelly Andrews of the Dominion Post reports on fresh evidence of a cooling housing market coming from a report predicting growth in property values could soon slip back to single figures.
13-08-2007 more >>

Top property investor selling up

One of New Zealand's top property investors is selling up his portfolio because, as Greg Ninness discovers, he sees the credit crunch as the beginning of the end.
10-08-2007 more >>

MPs grill Bollard over interest rate hikes

Reserve Bank Governor Allan Bollard has warned MPs that they will fight the next election campaign amid the highest interest rates in recent times.
06-08-2007 more >>

The official cash rate (OCR) increases to 8.00%.

The OCR will increase by 25 basis points to 8.00%. Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard said: 'Domestic demand has grown strongly since late 2006, particularly in the household sector.'
06-08-2007 more >>

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