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September '08 Issue

There is another great debate being waged in the housing market at the moment. The first, as you probably remember, was the Mexican stand-off between buyers and sellers; this latest stand-off is between 'boffins' (the number-crunching academics) and the buyers/investors, over the question is now the time to buy?

Our September issue looks at just that: Is this stage of the downturn actually hiding the next big boom? We talk to some property experts and also a few investors about on their take on the current situation.

In the second article of our new series, A day in the life, we spend the day with a property valuer and learn how they come up with their numbers.

Investing 101 looks at the number-crunching business side of property investing. We look at how to budget, calculate rates of returns, identify risks and tools to use.

If you can't sell you property - swap it! The swaps market is staging a comeback in the current climate and we look at how lucrative an option it is for investors.

Mortgagee sales are also a hot topic at the moment. They have the potential to be very good bargains for investors, but there are hidden stings to be aware of.

We also talk to property veterans Murray and Anne McDrury about their 30-year history in the property game and what they've learned along the way that could be valuable information for you.

Also in the September 2008 issue:

  • Opinion: Find out what The Landlord has to say on topical issues
  • News: Investors start your engines; Landlord code of ethics launched; Ring fencing canned; First shared equity home loans pre-approved
  • Dr Fred: Dr Fred Grosse gives some advice on how to survive today's market
  • Mortgage summary: Keep fixing short and sweet because rates are still set to drop
  • Diary: What's on for property investors this month? Find out about all the best events coming up
  • Housing commentary: The latest data from the real estate industry is keeping optimism alive. Figures suggest the predicted dramatic collapse of the housing market may not quite make it into reality
  • Ask an expert: We answer your burning property investment questions. Find out if an LAQC or trust is better for protecting your portfolio and if flats are currently a good investment option
  • Feature: Renovation - Owning student accommodation can be hugely rewarding if done correctly. We have specialist advice on how to renovate for that cutting-edge factor
  • Columns:
    • Accounting: Find out about issues specific to commercial property leasing
    • Mortgage: Where do you go when the bank says no? Alternative options for finding finance
    • Economics: The three stages of adjustment. Where are we at the moment?
    • Strategy: Does money really disappear when investments go bottom-up? 
    • Tenancy Management: How the RTA amendments will affect investors
  • Tenancy Tribunal: Do landlords need to inform tenants if they have on-sold the property and is notice of termination via email valid?
  • Regional review: Nelson - Sunshine and a pleasant lifestyle make Nelson a popular place to live and a safe bet for investors
  • NZPIF: News and events from around the regions
  • Toolbox: How safe are your investment properties? We look at a website that gives in-depth hazard reports specific to your property
  • Property books: Two high-profile Kiwi authors, Lisa Dudson and Andrew King, reunite to update their guide to successful property investing, Create Wealth - The Complete Guide to Residential Property Investment in New Zealand.
  • And much more!

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