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July '09 Issue

The current market has turned up some amazing deals for investors. But it has also turned up many problems with tenants. As one of the most valuable assets for investors, tenants are also the most unpredictable.

In the July issue we tell investors and readers how to deal with problems that arise and equip themselves with tools to avoid tenancy issues altogether

Rachel Bisset and Chris Webster are new onto the investment ladder, but their determination and passion for property has seen them build a solid foundation. We profile their strategy.

For the grand finale in our Day in the Life series this month, we spend the day with a building inspector to find out how truly valuable their knowledge and eye for detail are to investors

Our renovation feature shares some hot tips for renovating investment properties to make sure you don't blow the budget

Mortgagee sales are renowned for the risks they carry, but also the potential for fantastic deals for investors. Is this true, or are there alternative, less-risky options?

Market statistics can be confusing. We take a look at QV and REINZ numbers and why they so often tell a completely different story

In times of tight bank credit, investors need to get creative. We review how Bartercard trade dollars can be one such tool that can turn a negative cash flow property into a positive one

And guru Michael Yardney asks which level of investing are you at and how do you make sure you keep climbing rather than getting stuck?

Also in the July 2009 issue:

  • News: Auckland rental prices holding strong; Investors' confidence returning; New mortgage products available to borrowers; New Sale and Purchase agreement
  • Diary: What's on for property investors this month? Find out where the hottest events are happening around the country.
  • Housing commentary: After seeing signs of growth returning to the market, the new shoots finally look like they're taking off
  • Ask an expert: Our experts this month, answer your tax structuring, landlording, and mortgage questions
  • Columns:   
    • Accounting: What do you need to take into consideration when deciding whether to depreciate your investment properties?
    • Mortgages: Investors should  know what they can expect from the bank in terms of fees when rolling over their mortgages
    • Economics: Khoon Goh takes a look back at his predictions at the beginning of the year to see if any have been fulfilled
    • Tax: Matthew Gilligan reviews capital gains tax rules in relation to property sales
    • Commercial: Due to the growing popularity of unit title properties, Michelle Jones highlights a checklist of do's and don'ts
    • Tenancy Tribunal: This month we look at a case reminding tenants and landlords that clauses in a tenancy agreement are binding, plus two cases where landlords have breached tenants' rights and privacy
  • NZPIF: News and events from around the regions, plus celebrating Hawke's Bay PIA's 25th birthday
  • Regional review: With a niche market targeting seasonal workers, the Marlborough region holds good-looking deals for investors
  • Mortgage commentary: If you've been floating in the hopes long-term rates will drop, now is the time to fix short
  • Toolbox: We check out website's property reports as potential tools for investors
  • Property book: Check out the NZ Property Investor's Cash Flow Forecaster CD, plus a FREE WebCast from Michael Yardney

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