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August '10 Issue

Learning from others' property investing mistakes

This month's issue of NZ Property Investor Magazine has a theme about learning from history and other investors' mistakes.

Learning from the past is a powerful tool to help you succeed in the future. In this issue of the NZ Property Investor we look at just that: what lessons you can take from the recent property downturn and apply it to your investing strategies.

Plus, we revisit one of our high profile and ambitious property investors Laurence Pope and find out what where his scheme went wrong. We first profiled Pope in June 2008 when, at the age of 22 he had bought 16 houses in a street in Paeroa with plans to make some serious dollars.

Unfortunately things went wrong and many of the houses were sold at mortgagee sales.

One of the most significant trends and forecasts in the market at the moment is that rents are going to rise. This is good news for landlords and property investors.

The NZ Property Investor tells you how you can increase your rents and how you can do it and also keep your tenants happy.

It may be a buyer's market at the moment, but some investors are selling. We show you why selling a property privately can be more beneficial than selling through an agent. An important aspect of private sales is having specific goals in mind in terms of time and money.

Also this issue:

  • Maintenance is a crucial aspect of an investor's portfolio; find out what you should have in your toolbox to avoid costly issues.
  • Find out the three typical methods for finding value of commercial property.
  • Property investment expert Michael Yardney shares the secrets of the wealthy and what it will take for you to replicate their success.
  • Ask an expert: Steps for winding up an LAQC, and issues surrounding charging tenants less than market rent in exchange for maintenance of the property.
  • Mortgage commentary: Deciding whether to fix or float is a finely balanced decision.
  • We review Dunedin for its prospects for investors. Its transient student market make yields in the city second-to-none.
  • Toolbox: RentOnTime enables landlords to set up tenants with credit card facilities to pay the rent. We review its pros and cons.
  • Books: Intelligent Investor has FIVE copies of Budget Rich, Dollar Wise to give away in August - check it out now!

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