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Check your events, news, and pages on mobile

A significant number of our members view our website on their phones. Make sure your content looks good on a mobile device! And check the index page as well as the article itself.

There are three things to consider:

  1. Start right by making sure the content gets into the editor correctly. If you're copying from a word document or an email you should be using one of the clipboard tools that strip out the unnecessary background codes.

  2. Check your quote marks - they might look ok in the article but not look ok on the index page so make sure you check both.
  3. The next is images. If you have a very wide image that gives a lot of information on a big screen it might be too condensed on a mobile screen to be useful. 

Check the Mobile version

Your web browser (Edge, Chrome etc) gives you a way to check your page out without using an actual phone.

  1. Open the web page that you want to check eg
  2. Right mouse click on the page and a menu will pop up that looks something like this: 
    Choose Inspect - it's normally the last option.
  3. Inspect will open a new panel or popup window with lots of information. You can ignore most of it. You're looking for this little icon:
  4. Click the icon and you'll see that the web page shrinks to a phone size. Put your mouse over it and you can scroll up and down and the cursor changes to a finger sized circle. 
  5. Some of the problems will be easily fixed in the editor. Others may need to be brought to Sarah's attention so let her know.




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