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The Property Investor Network by NZPIF President Sue Harrison

In times of crisis property investors and landlords with well located, good homes come into their own.  We applaud our North Island Property Investor Associations for ongoing support stewarding members through the weather events and being there in good times and bad.

Beyond the financial risks of property investing there are a multitude of environmental risks such as earthquakes, pandemics, weather events such as floods, explosions, tornadoes which are risks and add extra stress on homeowners.   The safety net Property Investor Associations provide in each location is a unique and valuable source of support.  This is a network of like-minded people who want to succeed in life by increasing their knowledge base and caring about their properties and tenants' welfare alike.  Information and suggestions for tenant and property management are shared with members through local communications and meetings featuring expert speakers.

Purchasing an investment property of any sort is the start of a business journey where information about the various aspects involved are critical to the success.  Being able to manage tenants competently, or know where to find out more about managers, accountants, lawyers and other professionals in the marketplace is both useful and necessary. Information about legislation is part of an Association’s purpose and your membership supports the advocacy work of the New Property Investors Federation.  Affiliation fees are used to provide a wide range of services including lobbying Government and having a say in legislation.

Attending monthly meetings and other social get-togethers are a great way to gain knowledge and insights about the property market and investment opportunities.  Monthly meetings and the annual conference bring together a range of professionals in the property industry, such as lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, property managers, real estate agents, property developers, investors, and financial experts. Attending a property investors meeting provides an opportunity to network with these professionals and build relationships.

Members benefit from speakers who can provide valuable insights into the current state of the property market and trends that are emerging. This can help attendees to make informed decisions about property investment opportunities.  There are so many aspects in property investment, and a wide range of these are covered, with impartiality as no products or services are being sold.  There are companies that sponsor the Associations, if the discounts offered are considered beneficial to members, for example fuel suppliers and hardware stores.

Property Investor Associations can be especially useful if you are new to the property market or have specific questions about a property investment opportunity. Members have access to a free education course, Rentskills, teaching you what is required by yourself or your manager to take care of tenants correctly.   Education is critical to the success of your property journey.   

By joining your local Property Investor Association you can expand your knowledge and expertise in the property market. By listening and participating in discussions, you can learn new strategies and gain a deeper understanding of the market.  The chance of peer learning is enhanced by connecting with others at meetings, forums and conferences.  Knowledge is power and sometimes information from a chat with another investor can be the benefit of attending. ‘Where your attention goes, grows’.  Join us:


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