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Landlord of the Year winners go from strength to strength

Andrea and Andrew Elliott (2008)

For Andrea and Andrew winning the Award in 2008 was a turning point for turning their rental portfolio from a side line into a business.  In 2009 they restructured their portfolios which enabled Andrea to focus on becoming a full time business owner. In 2010 they took this to the next level by starting up Click Property Management. Once word got out that Andrea was available, 28 new managements were offered to them in the first month. Today they have 9 in the business and are still growing. We are Dunedin’s largest independent residential property management company – going from strength to strength.

Debbie van den Broek (2009)

Winning the NZ Landlord of the Year was a life changing moment for Debbie. Going from a quiet shy stay-at-home housewife with a couple of kids and a few rentals, to being thrust into the public arena was scary but amazing. People would stop Debbie in the supermarket and ring asking for rentals, being prepared to wait until one became available. This encouraged Debbie to expand their portfolio and gave her the confidence to realise that she was doing things right. The quiet shy stay-at-home housewife has been banished forever.

Nancy Caiger (2010)

One of the biggest changes Nancy has made to her portfolio has been adding more new builds in 2010 and then moving into the US market in 2011/2013.  Having a clear idea of what she required, Nancy put more properties in the hands of a property manager so that she was free to investigate offshore markets. Nancy is now focused on working with her US property managers so that they deliver a high standard. Their system is different from that in New Zealand so a lot of learning and adapting has been necessary. It is a continuous learning process.

Stef and Dave Wade (2012)

Stef and Dave have focused on the student market and feel they can relate well to this target group.  They take time to build relationships with their tenants so that their tenants are more likely to be honest when something goes wrong with their properties. Stef and Dave continue to invest in the university catchment, looking for properties which have not been well maintained. They are only too happy to pick these properties up, do the renovation required using their own skills and energy and provide comfortable homes for their prospective tenants.

Stef has also started her own property management company “Central Campus Property Management” (CCPM) and manages properties ONLY in the student area.  She is really loving it, as it’s what she knows. She enjoys talking with and working with the students and it is also good being able to talk with owners about their properties and tenants from both angles – as a property manager and as an investor.

Pauline Beissel (2013)

After winning the Award, Pauline was keen to promote the Landlord of the Year competition.  She accepted invitations to visit other Associations in order to share her property investment journey and encourage others to enter. The projects for 2014 included purchasing two properties and improving these. In addition Pauline has been managing a major makeover of their own home. Pauline’s secret to investing includes being open to all housing styles, working hard and doing the work yourself where possible, being versatile in your investing methodology, achieving maximum rents and determining which tenants suit each property best.  Most of all, understand why you are investing,

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